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Counselling for Children,Young People and their Families 

Counselling may be able to help children and young people find the emotional resources to manage all kinds of challenges and difficulties. For example:

  • stress at school including exam stress
  • loss through bereavement or family breakdown
  • managing change
  • friendships
  • managing the impact of ADHD or Aspergers Syndrome
  • anger management

Sometimes children and young people can't find the words to say they are finding things difficult but may show their distress through behavioural difficulties or changes in their usual mood or activities. 

If you are concerned about your child and think counselling may help, contact me for a free telephone consultation. 

If we think counselling could help I may suggest seeing your child on his/her own, or seeing you and your child together or working with you as parent or carer in supporting your child. Appointments are offered in the Bedford area. 

Contact me on 07504 28 99 80 or [email protected]